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The debut music from Aaron Night is a culmination of the rising artist’s experiences and growth. The lyrics showcase personal exploration that any audience can relate to, yet Aaron presents them with his own unique style and voice.

Born Lloyd Aaron Mundon Junior, Aaron Night proved that he was destined for the stage from his early childhood. He more than frequently found himself atop the living room coffee table belting
his heart out to the latest pop single, often with his two younger brothers looking on in forced interest. His parents took notice of his talents and encouraged his passions for music. It wasn’t long until this proclivity for performing trickled its way into more than coffee table concerts.

Nearing the end of his adolescence, Aaron Night decided that he was going to make performing his main priority in life and although he dipped his feet in the pool of entertainment, he would need more professional experience in order to reach his goals. Stepping out of his comfort zone, Aaron began dancing professional hula halaus. The experience made him even more motivated to create a career doing what he loved: performing for others.

Knowing that being a well-rounded performer required acting prowess on top of his vocal and dancing talents, Aaron Night signed up to audition for a role in Da Oddah Prince, a local Hawaiian spin on classic fairy tales. Shortly after auditioning, Aaron found himself at costume fittings, script readings, and rehearsals where he donned the persona of “Da Oddah Prince”. Landing the title role on his first musical theatre production was not an easy feat and, night after night, twice on the weekends, he would prove his salt as a triple threat performer. As the rave reviews poured in for his theatrical debut, so did the job offers. Inundated with proposals to perform at various venues all over Hawaii, he decided to quit his full-time job and make his living as an entertainer.

Aaron would use all his knowledge, experience, and talents to push himself even further. Hopping on a plane towards the mainland, he set out to make a name for himself. He was contracted with Disney as an Equity Union Principal Performer for Disney’s Spirit of Aloha. By this point, Aaron’s dreams were as big as ever.

Today, Aaron continues to work hard at perfecting his craft and maintaining his small island roots. In his original song “Doubt”, Aaron Night bares his heart and soul as he touches on his insecurities


with making it in the industry. Feeling like a tiny fish in a big sea, it’s easy to connect to Aaron Night and his struggle to bring his biggest dreams to life. In the end, Aaron realizes that his loved ones, culture, and passion to succeed are all he needs to make it in this world. As he sings in the last line of his song, “It’s time I just believe!”